Medical & Legal Professionals

Doctors are probably some of the keenest exponents of photography, since its inception any many of them are highly skilled at taking pictures. However, those who are not still wish to get the most out of their cameras so Medical Photographic Services can produce bespoke workshops or one to one sessions for them to work through their skills with Mike Samuels a qualified medical photographic consultant.

Dentists too, often have a fascination for photography and with the need to record treatment within their practice, whether for medico-legal reasons or for professional development they enjoy advancing their skills.

With ongoing study requiring their practice be well documented, intra oral and extra oral photography is becoming increasingly essential.

Medical Photographic Services can provide specific training either as a group or one to one in your own surgery.

Nurses and other healthcare professionals are increasingly being asked to take photographs as part of their regular workload. In an ideal world this would be done by a registered medical photographer but when this is not possible it is important that any pictures taken are to the highest standard and carried out in accordance with consent, confidentiality and Data Protection legislation.

For this reason Medical Photographic Services can provide skills training for healthcare professionals whether they are Tissue Viability Nurses or Aesthetic Therapists.

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