Dental photography

Dental Photography Training at your practice

Learning any skill is best accomplished by actively doing and photography is no exception. Attending lectures, workshops and courses can provide the basic information on how to take better photographs but there is no substitute for practical tuition.

What better way to learn how to take better clinical photographs than to have someone with extensive knowledge and expertise working with you and your team in your environment using your equipment.

If you could have a medical photographic expert with more than 40 years experience spend time in your practice – what questions would you ask?

When I visit your practice I will come armed with feedback provided by you in a preliminary questionnaire to give you advice and guidance on photographic problems that are relevant and specific to you – even the ones that you may have been reluctant to ask in front of peers or other colleagues at a seminar or course.

You may be starting to introduce photography in your practice and require advice on equipment and how to set up a photographic facility or you may be highly competent in taking pictures but really don’t have the time, but get frustrated that your nurse, treatment co-ordinator or assistant cannot get the results you do.

The benefit to you of my spending time with your team is

  • to improve the photographic technique of your team
  • help you choose equipment
  • providing recommendations on the photographic environment
  • advising on image management and confidentiality issues
  • showing you how to get the most out of your image manipulation and editing software.

I will be delighted to discuss your individual requirements by contacting us

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