Mole Mapping

Mole mapping is an important way of documenting changes occurring in skin lesions commonly known as moles.

In some predisposed people these changes can signal a life threatening condition called malignant melanoma. If you have a significant number of moles, 50 or more, or if your moles have an unusual appearance such as shape irregularity of border or have a variety of colour shades they could be considered atypical.

Atypical moles should be monitored on a regular basis and any changes discussed with either your doctor or a dermatologist.

One of the best ways to identify change is to have a mole map created which allows you to compare how your moles look now with how they looked at a definite point of time.

By having this photographic reference your doctor can refer you to a consultant sooner and if the mole is malignant make diagnosis earlier and the prognosis of a cure greater.

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