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Easter may have been a little disappointing, weather wise, but, a medical photographer from Newbury is renewing his warnings to beware of skin cancers caused by exposure to the sun.

“Even with the fleeting sun we have had so far, I have seen people bravely stripping off to catch those first rays of Spring,” said Mike Samuels. “You have to reason, if the sun is warm enough to sit and sunbathe, then it is hot enough to damage your skin and increase your risk of malignant melanoma.

Of course you don’t need sunshine for UV skin damage to occur and it is cumulative, so add on another summer of exposure and the risk of this potentially fatal Cancer increases.”

“Obviously prevention and protection is better than hoping you will be one of the lucky ones who is cured, however, early detection is even more vital and closely watching the moles on your skin is essential, and photographing them can prove a lifesaver.”

While Mike Samuels is an experienced medical photographer who runs a successful business which offers mole mapping, he is also abundant in sharing his expertise so people can help themselves or by showing dermatologists and doctors in general practice, how to take the most effective photographs.

He has published a free guide to identifying problem moles on the popular web platform Squidoo on a page entitled ‘How a camera could save your life’. The web address is

Mike Samuels explained: “I can photograph someone’s moles and repeating this over time is a highly effective way of spotting the telltale problems of moles changing in shape, size or colour. However, I would rather someone take the photographs themselves, than not do it at all, so sharing this expertise is the right thing to do.”

If you don’t have a camera you can download a free self examination leaflet with a plotting guide to mark where you moles are, from Mike’s website

Contact details for Mike Samuels

Telephone 07818342086 (mobile)

01635 41806 (landline)

26 Bartlemy Road


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