Exceptional Cases Panel

Many plastic surgery procedures including, Septorhinoplasty and Rhinoplasty, (Nose Jobs), Pinnaplasty (Ear Pinning), Breast Reduction, Augmentation, Implant Replacement, certain types of reconstruction (Boob Jobs) and Abdominoplasty, (Tummy Tucks) are considered to be cosmetic and therefore, together with some conditions affecting mobility, no longer routinely funded by the NHS.

If you’ve been refused treatment for a condition you believe should be carried out under the National Health Service and have been referred to the Exceptional Cases Panel for consideration, you may have been asked to provide photographic evidence of your condition.

Medical Photographic Services have the specialist expertise to take the necessary photographs for you to present to the Panel ensuring the best possible opportunity for consideration.

We appreciate the distress being refused these procedures may cause and if your general practitioner is prepared to refer you to the panel we will negotiate special rate fees where possible to assist your claim.

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