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Medical Photographic Services

For clients having clinical photographs taken:

Please remove all make-up from the areas to be photographed, including lipstick, foundation, eye make-up, eye-liner and nail polish.

Please do not tan, naturally or using a spray for a week before photography.

Please remove all piercings (where possible).


Please wear easily accessible clothing which should ideally be light in colour.

If your legs are being photographed, shorts are recommended or a loose skirt which can be lifted to waist level.

Please wear loose clothing over areas to be photographed to avoid pressure lines and redness from elastic marks for at least 3 hours before being photographed. Please do not remove treatment pressure garments unless directed by your medical practitioner.

If your pictures are for medico-legal purposes, it is important that any constriction marks are minimal so please bear this in mind particularly sock tops, bra straps and other underwear lines.

For mole maps where possible, women should wear a small bikini and men Speedo style swimming costume. You will have been advised by your doctor how extensive the photography should be and you must decide what you are comfortable having photographed.


You will be asked to complete a consent form agreeing to be photographed.

Medico-legal cases will need to provide some form of photo ID (Passport, Driving Licence etc.)

If you have any questions please email:


or call:

01635 41806 or 07818242086

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