Do you wish you could take better clinical pictures?

Is the camera you brought back from the medical conference now languishing in your surgery filing cabinet – unused?

‘Learning by doing’, is acknowledged as one of most successful ways of becoming proficient in a new skill and photography falls into that category.

Photography is a highly practical subject, the most successful way to learn is by taking photographs in a one to one situation, with plenty of hands on opportunity.

Information recall is 75% rate of when you physically do something as a practical learning experience, compared with around 5-10% if you just read about it or sit and listen to a teacher.

Learning about your camera should be experiential starting to create and take pictures in a safe environment, with help at hand, where you’re allowed to take risks and make mistakes, steadily building your confidence.

All learning experiences should be stimulating and enjoyable, photography provides both of these, ensuring you go home with an enduring image of your day.

Although physically quite fragile, (they don’t bounce too well), digital cameras are extremely forgiving. Short of deleting all your images in error, there’s not much to go wrong; even if you did this, I can generally get the deletions back as well.

If you aspire to progress from camera owner to photographer I can provide you with bespoke training for your particular clinical needs and enable you to achieve the knowledge and enjoyment photography can bring.

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